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Children’s Mattresses 140x190 cm

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    With a quality kid’s mattress that fits your child’s exact weight, build, and needs, you increase your changes of everyone waking up refreshed in the morning. FLEXA kids’ mattresses measuring 140x190 cm are carefully designed to give your child the very best conditions for sleeping soundly all night long – every night.

    Why a Quality Kid’s Mattress Matters

    Well-rested children have a better capacity for learning, growing, and developing new skills. So, be sure to pick the right mattress for your child’s 140 bed. All our kids’ double bed mattresses measure either 140x190 cm or 140x200 cm and fit the broader beds in our Classic collection and Popsicle collection.

    If you are unsure where to start, we recommend you have a look at our parenting platform, FLEXA Insight – here you get 4 tips to pick the right mattress for your child.

    A Spring Mattress or a Latex Mattress?

    Does your child move around a lot in their sleep, then a spring mattress with individually pocketed springs to absorb your child’s movements, might be a good idea. If your little one is easy to overheat at night, then perhaps your child will benefit from a 140x190 mattress, such as our FLEXA Mattress or FLEXA Latex Mattress, which can help ventilate and transport moisture away from your child’s body at night.