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    A nice, soft rug helps create a cosy atmosphere in any children’s room and may just be the icing on the cake when it comes to the décor. At FLEXA, we have various children’s rugs in beautiful designs made from quality materials. You can take a look at our assortment below and find just the right kids carpet for your child’s bedroom. You will find kids rugs from our popular Room Collection which consists of various carpets in beautiful designs made from quality materials – that both boys and girls will like.


    Among our children’s rugs you can look forward to exploring our assortment of carpets from our Room collection. The collection consists of everything from storage boxes and baskets to play mattresses, pillows, quilts and rugs. All of the products are manufactured from quality materials that are appealing to the eye, soft to the touch and incredibly durable, so they can withstand everyday wear and day for many years.

    Especially our kid’s carpets are made to tolerate frequent use. A rug for the children’s room will me stepped on many times during the day, and that is why it needs to be of excellent quality so it can withstand children’s quick feet and sometimes rough play on the floor. Our rugs from the Room collection are manufactured form Oeko-Tex certified cotton and should be washed by hand when needed, or if the little stain the rug.

    Our durable children’s rugs are available in four colours that match the other textiles in the collection. The colours of the rugs also match our other products and children’s furniture, you can therefore, easily decorate a bedroom where your child wants to spend time playing, relaxing and learning. Sleep, Play and Study are our three focus areas, and they form the basis of everything we design. At FLEXA, we have made it easy for you to decorate the perfect children’s room that meets all of your child’s needs. Our products are timeless, and they can grow with your child so they remain useful even as their needs and interests change.


    The beautiful children’s rugs from FLEXA in gorgeous pastel colours help tie together the bedroom’s décor, and they create a calm atmosphere because of their simple design and muted colours. You and your child can, therefore, experiment with strong and playful colours for the rest of the décor in the room, and colourful toys will also look great if displayed.

    Many parents like a minimalistic style which can be difficult to combine with children’s colourful ideas when it comes to choosing the décor for their room. With furniture and room accessories from FLEXA, no parties need to compromise. With FLEXA you get good craftsmanship, materials free from harmful toxins and stylish design that your children will love too. At FLEXA, we consider children to be our most important ambassadors and experts, and only the best is good enough when designing for the little ones in the family. However, it is nice to have a décor that adults also like, and FLEXA combines playfulness with functional, flexible, beautiful and timeless design.


    Due to the stylish design of FLEXA children's rugs, the rugs cannot only be used in the children’s bedroom. They also fit perfectly anywhere else in the home, where they can, for example, make the perfect setting for a cosy play area for the children. Maybe in the living room or in an extra room close to the rest of the family. Especially younger children like to play where the adults are. Therefore, make room for play in the common areas of the home, and experience the fun of spending time close together as a family, although you may not always take part in the same activities.

    Children do not necessarily need a lot of space to play as long as the framework itself is inviting and cosy. A children's rug defines the play area and is nice to sit on for the little ones as they immerse themselves in different role-plays, build with wooden blocks or LEGO. A kid’s carpet also works well as a backdrop for various small furniture, for example as a backdrop for a set of play tables in combination with stools or highchairs like what you find in our Dots and Popsicle Collection.


    You are free to choose how you want to use your new rug in the décor. Choose a carpet for the children’s bedroom or play area, you can select one in your child’s favourite colour or a colour that will complement the existing décor. The options for decorating with a beautiful rug are many, and the whole family can enjoy the rug every single day for many years. It is there on the carpet on the floor that many exciting games will play out and your child will gradually grow up and develop new skills by playing.