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Her finder du hele vores udvalg af børnesenge.
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    A good night's sleep is essential for children and for their ability to learn, focus, remember and be creative. And a good night's sleep requires a good and comfortable bed. FLEXA offers a wide range of mid-high beds for children from the age of 6 and to their teens. All of our midsleepers are made from long-lasting materials with children and their changing needs in mind. Children grow up fast, and FLEXA designs beds that grow with the child.


    Our mid-high beds are manufactured from quality materials that are also durable, which is why a FLEXA bed can be used all through the childhood. The beds have carefully been designed to create a piece of furniture in line with Danish design tradition. Our midsleepers are available in beautiful Nordic inspired colours that include shades of blue, green and rose, which are colours that can also be found on furniture and products from our Popsicle and White collections. The beds can easily fit into any home, and they will look great with our other pieces of furniture, or they will match nicely with the existing décor in your home.


    The great thing about a mid-high bed is that it allows you to take advantage of the height in the room when decorating. You can utilize the extra space under the bed to decorate a fun play area or perhaps use it for storage. You also have the option to add a slide on the mid sleeper bed. If you decide that extra storage is needed in the children’s room, you should check out our assortment of storage solutions below. Our shelves and chests with three drawers will all fit nicely under the bed and help keep toys and other things neatly organised.  


    FLEXA mid-high beds are perfect for children from grade school to teens and are available in 190 and 200 cm length. You find our assortment of mid-high beds in the following collections; Classic, White, Nor and Popsicle. Each collection offers you a wide range of beds in beautiful Danish design, with rounded shapes and edges and a soft Nordic colour palette. The design of our mid-high beds makes it easy to rebuild the beds as the child grows up and the needs change. Adding higher legs to a mid-high bed allows you to transform the bed into a high bed. This flexibility of the beds ensures a long lifetime and makes it easy for the bed to be used by children up through the years. Mid-high beds from the Nor, Classic and White collections are designed to fit a slide, turning the children's room into a fun playground.


    At FLEXA our focus areas are Sleep, Study and Play – and these factors play into all of our designs. Every piece of furniture is designed to help contribute making the children’s room a comfortable place to sleep, a fun space to play in and finally, a room where the child feels inspired to study and learn new things. With our mid sleeper bed with slide, our three focus areas have been combined into one piece of furniture. In the bed children can sleep comfortably, do their homework in the nook underneath the bed and have fun on the slide that can be added to the bed.


    Good sleep, playfulness and quality materials are essential elements when we design and make our beds. The mid-high bed encourages children to build a cosy area using our textiles, and in the private space under the bed, children can play, hide and create their own little world. The space under the midsleeper is also great for storing toys, books or clothes using our storage solutions. To ensure the best possible sleep for your child, we offer quality mattresses that are designed with focus on giving children the best possible environment for a deep and good night’s sleep.