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    A play mattress is great for both playtime and relaxation. Here, your child can have fun with rough-and-tumble play on a soft and comfortable mattress, or immerse themselves in games with their favourite toys. You can match the play mattresses with one or more bookshelves, soft pillows, and blankets and enjoy a cosy reading nook, perfect for your child’s reading practice or a sweet bedtime story. 

    Endless Possibilities with a Kids Floor Mattress 

    Even before your baby can move around, a play mattress is a big hit. With the soft mattress, you can create a safe place where your baby can lie on their tommy and observe the world around them, or practice rolling, sitting, and getting up on all four. Whether you want to use your kid’s play mattress as a baby activity corner, or a floor mattress for movie nights and bedtime stories with your older kid, our play mattress provides your children with a comfortable place for play and relaxation. 

    When it’s time for your child to get a mid-high bed, you can create a cosy nook with a play mattress, soft pillows, and blankets under the bed – making use of every cubic meter in your child’s room.  

    Play Mattresses Designed for Play 

    At FLEXA, we design products that help meet the needs of families with children. We think it’s important that our products are inviting and inspiring for children’s play. Their imagination is incredible, and with the right setting for play, they can let loose and just let their ideas flow.  

    The covers on the play mattresses are OEKO-TEX® certified and can be washed at 40 degrees in the washing machine, so your child can play in soft and comfortable surroundings for years.