Flute and Clapper
Flute and Clapper
Flute and Clapper
Flute and Clapper
Flute and Clapper
Flute and Clapper
Flute and Clapper

Flute and Clapper

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Flute and Clapper Details
Product description

Take your child’s singing games to a new level with this Flute and Clapper set. When you expose your child to music from an early age, you help your child learn the sound and meaning of words. You also encourage dancing, which allows your little performer to practice self-expression and build motor skills. Just think about it: how much coordination it requires to play an instrument while moving to the beat and holding the attention of your audience. With Flute and Clapper, you can challenge your little one’s talents by adding more instruments to the show or inviting more band members on stage.

Develop your child’s:

  • Ear for music
  • Language and communication skills
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Coordination of body and mind
  • Self-esteem
Flute: 21 cm. x 3 cm., Clapper: 16 cm. x 6 cm.
Dimensions B 5.7 cm L 20.5 cm
Weight 0.7
Material Solid Beech Wood
Care instructions Wash with damp cloth
Product SKU 88-13215-150
Is assembled Yes
Package numbers 88-13215-150
Certified Materials

FLEXA timber is PEFC® and FSC® certified, your guarantee that your child’s furniture can be traced back to responsible forestry. All our textiles are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® which means they have been tested for harmful substances to protect your child's health.

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FLEXA furniture is made to last. Many of our products can be adjusted and rebuilt in new ways to fit the changing needs of your growing child. Quality, durability, and timeless design are never out of fashion – you can easily pass down your child’s FLEXA furniture for generations to come.

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For more than 50 years, FLEXA has brought joy to children around the world with our unique combination of Danish design and the highest standards of safety and quality. The name FLEXA refers to the flexibility of our products, all carefully designed to help your child develop, both when they sleep, play and study.

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