Boy is sliding on a wooden slide from FLEXA

Kids’ Indoor Wooden Slides

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    Sliding is not only a fun activity. It’s an educational one too! On the indoor play slide, your child develops great gross motor skills and impressive balance skills. And when playing with friends or siblings, the play slide will teach your little adventurer important social skills, like sharing and patiently waiting one’s turn.   


    Because sliding is so much fun and so great for kids’ motor development, the team of designers from FLEXA has created two wooden play slides for toddlers and slightly older children.  

    Our freestanding wooden slide invites your little explorer to climb the ladder, explore the cave-like space underneath, and feel the rush of excitement from sliding down – again, and again. This is the classic indoor sliding experience, made to last for generations.  

    Looking to upgrade your child’s play corner? Check out our play tower with slide where your little one gets a climbing frame, a slide, and a hideout – all at once! You can add the slide to either side of the wooden triangle, providing your little one with a new fun way down. The extended railings allow your slightly older child to be creative and hike up the slippery side. 


    Safety first, and that’s why we designed our wooden slides with rounded edges, low climbing steps and extended sides for tiny hands to hold on to. With their friendly shapes and smooth surfaces, the  indoor kids’ slides from FLEXA abide by EU’s strictest products safety standards, and all out products get tested on regular basis.