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    It can be difficult to decorate a children’s bedroom, because it needs to be a space where kids can both sleep and play, they need storage solutions for their things, and when they grow older they also need an area for studying. To decorate a room that can do all of that, especially if the room is small, can be challenging. Being creative, and taking advantage of every square meter is essential and at FLEXA we have just the furniture that will help you. Below you will find our selection of high bed desks that can be installed under our high beds.


    Take advantage of the bedroom’s height by investing in a high bed. It will free up space on the floor that can be used for playing when children are little, and once they are older, and need a space to do homework, you can easily install a desk there. You can choose a regular desk from our Study Collection, which can be placed on the floor under the bed, or you can choose our click-on desk which can be mounted on the wall. The click-on desk comes with a shelf for storing small objects.


    A click-on desk is mounted on the high sleeper’s frame. The desk table tops are available in the Classic and White collections, and come in neutral colours that will fit well into any children’s bedroom. For a high sleeper desk mounted on the wall, you can choose one with or without shelves. The desk table tops are easy to mount on the high bed’s frame, and you can choose to decorate the space around the desk with practical shelves.

    A desk is nothing without a good study chair, so your child can sit comfortably, in the optimal ergonomic position. With a desk, the right desk accessories, and a comfortable chair, you have the perfect setting for your child to do their homework or creative hobbies. You will find everything you need to create a study area in our Study collection, the furniture will grow with your child and can be adapted to their needs.


    While young kids like to be close to their parents while they play, older children tend to want more alone time, and in their bedroom, they can retreat and immerse themselves into homework or hobbies. At FLEXA, we design furniture and products for children based on three themes; Play, Sleep, and Study, so they can have an inspiring room, where all those things are possible. In relation to the theme; Study, we have aimed to design furniture that can help facilitate, learning, creativity and immersion.

    With furniture form the Study collection, you can design a space where children can retreat to relax, daydream, and immerse themselves into new interests and hobbies – both alone and with friends.


    Children are by nature curious, brave, and are not afraid to dream big. These are all excellent qualities that parents need to encourage. Children are constantly developing, and they learn important skills by playing that makes them confident enough to be away from their parents, and they will slowly start to detach themselves, in order to pursue their own interests. With a desk in their room, children can pursue their own hobbies and share their interests with friends. With the drawer unit, that goes with the high bed desk, they can organise objects and decorate the area according to their preferences.


    Our high sleeper desks are designed in durable materials, including solid pine and MDF. The desks have soft, rounded edges that makes them look stylish, while being safe for children, who will not get hurt, if they bump into a corner while playing. Our products have all passed EU’s strictest product safety standards, so you can feel at ease knowing your child is safe.

    The high bed desk is easy to remove, if there is suddenly no need for it any longer. At FLEXA, we design furniture with flexibility in mind so you can always, easily change the design of a room when your child’s needs and preferences change.