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    White is a collection of beds and accessories that create many flexible options for every children’s room. The products in the collection can grow with your child and be continuously adjusted to suit the child's needs as he or she gets older. In the collection you will find a wide selection of different bed types varying in height; the low single bed, the semi-high bed, the mid-high bed, the high bed and of course the FLEXA White bunk bed with room for two children. In addition, we have a wide range of bed accessories, including shelves, desks, blackboards, mirrors and bed drawers. You can see our whole assortment here.


    It is no coincidence that this collection from FLEXA has been named White. The collection is based on the colour white, and is combined with solid birch and subtle touches of beautiful pastel colours on some of our beds. MDF has been used for the majority of our beds, which is a durable material. When you choose a FLEXA White bunk bed or single bed you get a piece of furniture that is sturdy. At the same time, the timeless design ensures that the beds will remain in style for many years to come so the family can benefit from a FLEXA White bed for a long time.


    At FLEXA, we focus on our three core areas; Sleep, Play and Study - and a White bed embraces all three areas. The functional beds provide excellent conditions for restful sleep, and during the daytime several of our beds can serve as a space for both playtime and learning. Our mid-high and semi-high beds can be transformed into a playground by adding a slide to your child's bed, and our high beds can be combined with a functional click-on desk or regular desk to make room for a space perfect for doing homework or immersion in various creative projects. With a FLEXA White bunk bed siblings can use the bottom bunk during the day as a nook to relax in.

    FLEXA beds let Sleep, Play and Study go hand in hand, giving your child a space that can embrace and support the development throughout childhood. 


    Flexibility is a key word when we design our children’s furniture. Children are growing at a rapid pace, and their needs often change faster than we as parents can keep up. Therefore, it is convenient that the beds from FLEXA White can grow with your child.

    A single bed can be made taller by purchasing longer legs that can be attached, and the same principle applies to both the mid-high and semi-high beds. That way, your child can always have a bed at a height that suits both their age and preferences best. Similarly, the high beds in the collection can be adjusted to be a regular bed thanks to the practical, modular system where you can easily remove the ladder and replace the legs. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your child's changing needs. If you choose a White bed, it can easily be adjusted to fit perfectly in all stages of childhood. Consider buying a practical safety rail for the bed if your child tends to sleep a little uneasy. That way, you make sure the child does not fall out at night.


    Flexible design, clean materials and good craftsmanship are at the essence of the White collection from FLEXA that easily fits into the décor of any children’s room. Regardless of the size and existing décor in the room, a White bed can be modified to ensure full use of the room's facilities.

    The furniture from the White collection fits well with the other products from FLEXA, so you can easily combine furniture and home accessories from different collections, so you can create the perfect children's room based on your child's needs, interests and wishes. For example, choose a mid-high or semi-high bed or one of our high beds for your child, and have plenty of room for storage, a study area or cosy nook in the space under the bed. That way you are actively using the height of the room and freeing up more floor space. Our assortment also holds a click-on blackboard, mirror and table, that goes perfectly with the White beds.


    At FLEXA good design and safety go hand in hand. Our products meet EU's strictest standards of quality and safety, so you can feel at ease choosing FLEXA furniture and other home accessories for the children's room. Like our other collections, White is also created with a focus on simple design and organic shapes. The products have beautiful, rounded corners that give a simple and timeless appearance and increase the safety for children. Our raised beds in the White collection are further equipped with non-slip steps and integrated handles. We have carefully considered even the smallest details to make FLEXA White a very special collection. We hope you like it as much as we do.