3 Tips for Managing Your Kids’ Screen Time

Recently, the subject of kid’s screen time has been given a lot of attention. If you wish to have better control over your child’s screen time - whether it's time spent in front of the TV, phone, or tablet – then read on for some useful tips from a professional children’s expert.   


  • Physiotherapist, Rikke Randrup Skåning, has three useful tips related to children’s screen time:   
  • You make a good role model when you let the rules for screen time apply to everyone in the family.  
  • Favour the TV screen (over the phone or tablet), as the TV allows your child more freedom of movement.        
  • Go for high-quality content that’s low arousal if you wish to give your child a relaxing brain break.  

Enjoying a "Break" in Front of the Screen  

1. Be a Good Role Model 


2. The TV Screen is Preferred