4 Tips to Pick the Right Mattress for Your Child

Good quality sleep at night makes children both healthier and happier, and it’s key to their development and well-being. So, picking a mattress that can help ensure safe and healthy sleep for your child is really important. But how do you provide the right balance between comfort and support for your little sleepyhead? Read the 4 tips in the article to find out.
Below, Physiotherapist, Rikke Randrup Skaaning, shares four good pieces of advice to help you pick the right mattress for your little one:  


  • Pick good materials and design that can help regulate your child’s body temperature. 
  • A firm mattress allows freedom of movement, so your child does not sink in too deep. 
  • A firm mattress can also help ensure proper spinal alignment for your little one. 
  • You can do a pressure test with your hand to check the firmness of the mattress. 

1. Make Sure Your Child Does Not Get Too Hot or Cold 

3. Ensure Freedom of Movement