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The Best Sleeping Position for Your Baby

If you’re a new parent, it may seem like there’s an overwhelming amount of information to remember to keep your baby healthy, safe, and happy. You’ll soon find that some of it will work for you, and some of it won’t. However, this piece of advice is a good one to remember. Read on to learn why yourbabyshouldalwaysbe sleeping on theback, and when yourtoddlercan sleep safely on thetummy.


  • You can help your baby to sound and safe sleep by:
  • Placing your baby flat on the back on a firm and flat surface for every sleep, day and night.
  • Trying to swaddle your baby in a blanket. This can help some babies feel safe, and secure.
  • Making sure your baby doesn’t get too hot.
  • Alternate the direction your baby lies in the crib to help prevent a flat head.
  • Not allowing your toddler to sleep on the tummy until he or she can roll over without your help.
  • Keep yourself updated on recommendations from the Danish Health Authority.

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