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Children’s Mattresses 140x200 cm

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    Every child is different, and we can’t guarantee that a new kid’s mattress will cause your little one to sleep through the night, every night. But a comfortable quality mattress, like our 140x200 cm mattress, will definitely better your chances of getting a full night’s sleep.

    FLEXA mattresses for kids’ double beds measure either 140x200 cm or 140x190 cm and fit the broader beds in our Classic collection and Popsicle collection. All our 140x200 cm mattresses are carefully designed to meet the changing needs of your growing child – so you can keep your kid’s double bed mattress throughout their childhood.

    Double-Sided Mattresses & Individually Packed Springs

    It’s important that your child’s mattress is not too soft, not too firm, but just right. That’s why many of our larger kids’ mattresses are double-sided, so when your child’s weight reaches 40 kg, you can flip their mattress and a thicker top filling will put just the right pressure on their growing back.

    Is your child over 50 kg, when you get them a new mattress, you should take a look at our FLEXA Spring Mattress measuring 140x200 cm. It’s filed with 12 cm individually packed springs that smoothly adjust to your child’s movements, keeping them comfortable and sound asleep, even when they move around in their sleep.

    For more guidance on mattress types and children’s age, weight, and build, we recommend you have a look at our Mattress Guide.