Child playing with her an ice cream set and wooden shop from FLEXA

Pretend Play Toys for Kids’ Imaginative Play

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    Children absorb the world around them. They are fascinated by everything their parents and siblings do and quick to imitate their actions. Engaging in pretend play teaches children valuable skills like empathy and verbal and non-verbal communication. Wooden toys for make believe games from FLEXA are perfect for classic role play scenarios, like playing house, or perhaps your little one would like to explore what it’s like to be a chef, a shopkeeper, or maybe a carpenter?  

    Add a play costume to your child’s pretend play and you help your little one get into character. What do you think your child will pretend to be? The sky is the limit when it comes to imaginative play. 


    When children play out different scenarios, alone or with playmates, they make use of their imagination. This not only strengthens your child’s creativity, it also develops their ability to show empathy and consideration when they play side by side with others.  

    Imitating grown-ups’ conversations leads to trying new words and sayings, and this strengthens your child’s language and communication skills. Pretend play is how kids make sense of the world and it’s their way of acting out all the different experiences, ideas, and stories they come across.  


    At FLEXA, we have taken on the responsibility to make toys which are both safe, long-lasting, educational, and aesthetically pleasing. Our wooden pretend play toys are made to fit nicely into your living room and we hope this brings magical moments of spontaneous play into your home.  

    All FLEXA products are manufactured from pure, natural resources, free from any harmful toxins. They comply with EU’s product safety standards, so your child can enjoy safe and stimulating play for many years.