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    You should feel at ease tucking your child in at night, and your child should go to bed feeling safe. Many children sleep uneasy at night, so it is a good idea to put a bedrail on their bed, so you are absolutely sure that the child cannot fall out of bed at night. Fortunately, it is simple to add a safety rail on one of the many beds from FLEXA. Choose among our many great bed rails for kids’ beds from our Dots, Nor, White and Popsicle collections - we also have bunk bed rails in beautiful colors for both boys and girls.


    At FLEXA, we center our designs around our core areas; Sleep, Dots and Study. A good night's sleep is absolutely essential for your child, so he or she can have enough energy to play, learn and develop throughout the day. If you want to give your child optimal sleep at night, it is important that the child first and foremost has a good bed to sleep in. At FLEXA we have a wide selection of beds for children of all ages.

    You can take a look at our Classic, White, Popsicle, Dots and Nor collections where you will find single beds, several raised beds, bunk beds, house beds and family beds. Add a comfortable mattress and a duvet and pillow from our Sleep series, and remember to put a bed rail for kids on the bed – now your child is ready to sleep comfortably and blissfully all night long.


    It is nice to know that your child can sleep safely without having to worry about them falling out of bed at night. Our bed rails for kids are easy to mount on our many different bed types and to take off again if it is no longer needed. On our high beds we always recommend that you use a bed rail, while on a low single bed it is not always necessary to keep the safety rail on when the child gets a bit older and sleeps less uneasy at night. For a bunk bed a rail is also recommended. At FLEXA, we advise the use of a bed rails until the child is 6 years old, but it is entirely up to you as parents to assess.

    The kids bed rails from the Dots and Popsicle collections are designed by Charlotte Høncke and Herman Studio respectively. The Dots safety rails are manufactured from birch wood and painted MDF, while the Popsicle collection’s rails are made of painted solid birch. In other words, only durable, quality materials have been used.


    Products from FLEXA are characterized by their organic shapes with rounded corners, which is a signature for our design expression but also helps to make the products safer. There are no sharp edges here, so you can let your child use our various furniture and home accessories every single day throughout childhood. Our products meet EU’s strictest product safety standards, so if you like what you see, there is no reason to hold back from using our products in your home.

    Our products are designed with focus on children's needs and we try every day to become wiser about children and their development, so we can become even better at what we do. It is the children that we consider to be our most important experts. Therefore, we urge them to test and evaluate our products, so we can continue to make improvements on our designs, so they meet our own and children's strict requirements.


    Are you missing a suitable bedrail for your child's FLEXA bed from the Popsicle, Nor, White, Classic or Dots collection? Among our assortment of safety rails, you can choose among different beautiful colours that add a little spark to the décor in the children's room without it becoming too much. Of course, you also have the option of choosing a very simple white or colour-washed rail.

    Decorate a lovely children's room with plenty of space for play, learning and relaxation for your child. At FLEXA, we have wide variety of children's furniture and home accessories for both older and younger children. This means that you can easily design a room that matches your child's needs regardless of age and interests. Share the decorating process with your child or surprise him or her with a room that you think they will love. Remember the bedrail on the bed, and you will have a room that is complete and ready to use.