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    Welcome to our Freja collection - a collection of children’s furniture in Danish design and in line with modern living. The Freja bed is both beautiful and practical in its design, and children will love to crawl into the comfortable bed at night.
    The furniture in the Freja collection is made from quality materials in a timeless design, so they can grow with the child, without needing replacement. The practical storage solution offers a great opportunity for you to teach your child to be organised and put away their toys when they are done playing. The drawers on the bed are at a perfect height for children, who can easily store their LEGO, board games and other play things there.


    The FLEXA Freja collection is designed with inspiration from Danish design tradition, which comes across in the timeless style, muted colours and pure materials – characteristics, that permeate all of our collections. And as with our other collections, we have put a lot of thought into every detail of the Freja collection. We strive to design flexible furniture that makes everyday life easier for you, and with the Freja bed we have designed a two in one pieces of furniture that saves space in the children’s bedroom by functioning both as a bed and storage.
    At FLEXA, we believe that only the best is good enough for our children, and their safety is our number one priority when we design new products. With the Freja collection, we have taken on the responsibility to make safe, quality furniture for your children. The Freja bed is made of pinewood, MDF and brass-materials free from harmful additives so they are safe for both the little ones and the environment. Our products have all passed EU’s strictest product safety standards, so you can feel at ease knowing your child is safe.


    At FLEXA, we have more than 45 years of experience designing toys and furniture for children. In that time, we have gained valuable insight into what children like and dislike, but we still rely on our team of experts, namely the children themselves, to test our products. We greatly value their opinions and thoughts, and we listen to their advice and continually try to do better. In the Freja collection, we have also worked with our team of experts, to design a collection that lives up to not only own, but also children and their parents’ standards.

    You can mix and match pieces from the Freja collection with furniture and toys from our other collections. Add a play table from the Dots collection in the same blue colour as the Freja bed, for a coherent colour scheme. Or, for a more playful design approach, you can mix different coloured furniture. The soft well-balanced colours, that are characteristic of FLEXA products, will look great either way.


    We strive to design products that can grow with your child. The good craftsmanship and timeless design of the Freja collection, ensures that the furniture will stay relevant and keep its aesthetic appeal for many years. The Freja bed is both practical and flexible, and the central ladder is easy for children to use so we recommend the bed for children age 2 and up. Help your child to be self-organised, by storing their toys in the two boxes on castors, where it is easy for them to pull out their favourite toys.


    A beautiful bed is great, but a quality mattress is crucial for getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep is especially important for children, as it impacts their mental and physical development. During the night, the little ones resituate and process the events of that day. Well-rested children are generally happier and more eager to take on any challenges the day may throw at them.

    Check out our Sleep-collection, where you can find the perfect mattress for your child’s needs. In the collection, you will also find a wide selection of duvets and pillows, to complete the Freja bed, and make it the perfect place for restful sleep, so the little ones are ready for new adventures and exciting playtime the next day.