Sisters reading on a mattress from FLEXA

Children’s Mattresses 120x200 cm

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    Children use their beds for much more than just sleeping (like jumping, playing hide and seek under the covers, reading, or just hanging out with their friends). FLEXA kids’ mattresses measuring 120x200 cm are made for every little moment of daytime fun and every little moment of peaceful rest at night.

    A 120x200 cm mattress is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a comfortable and long-lasting quality mattress for your kids’ 120 bed.

    Mattresses for Kids’ 3/4 Beds & Small Double Beds

    Finding the right mattress for your kid’s three-quarter bed or small double bed doesn’t have to be tricky. We’ve thought about every little detail, so you don’t have to. Ventilating air ducts, cooling gel, water-repellent covers, and double-sided designs make our 120x200 cm kids’ mattresses ideal for bigger kids’ beds that double as a cosy couch or a cool daybed in the daytime.


    FLEXA kids’ mattresses and covers comply with the highest safety requirements on the market. They are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® - your guarantee that your child’s new mattress has been thoroughly tested and found to be completely free from harmful, chemical substances. With a FLEXA mattress, duvet and pillow you can rest assured that your little one grows up in a healthy and natural environment.