Lene Roenfeldt

Interior Designer

Lene Roenfeldt

Looking for cool kids’ room decoration ideas? Have a look at the articles featuring Interior Designer, Lene Roenfeldt. Lene shares all her best ideas with you and puts you up to date with the biggest Scandinavian interior trends right now – guiding you on how to work with colours, details, and materials.  

Play with Colours  

"I love that moment when a room’s light, colours and aesthetics come together. In the children's rooms, I like to take a playful approach. Talking to other parents, and working as a stylist, I often hear people say they think coloured walls make the child's room small and claustrophobic. But if you use the colours right, I think they can help define the room and be a nice “back drop" for all the brightly coloured toys and knick-knacks you often find in a child's room," says Lene Roenfeldt.    

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  • Self-employed Interior Designer and Photo Stylist.   
  • Owner of LYNfabrikken: a workspace, a café, and an art gallery.  
  • More than 15 years of experience with styling and photo shooting for companies and privates.   
  • Graduate in Design, Technology and Business.   
  • Mother of a 5-year-old boy and a 15-year-old stepdaughter.    

Read more about Lene Roenfeldt at www.leneronfeldt.dk