Sensory Motor Consultant

Mette Drescher Jensen

Did you know that sensory motor skills are the interactions between your senses, your brain, and your body and the whole foundation for learning? Sensory Motor Consultant, Mette Drescher Jensen, knows all about this, and she is passionate about spreading the knowledge and helping children improve their sensory motor skills through physical training. The aim is to give children the best possible conditions for a good and active childhood where they can thrive and learn.  

Children Learn Through Their Bodies  

To give children the best opportunities, we should focus on their sensory motor skills as they greatly affect their physical, social, and cognitive development. Children learn through their bodies when they are thriving and feeling motivated and curious,” says Mette Drescher Jensen. 

Learn more about sensory motor skills and your child’s physical, social and cognitive development in the articles we share with you here at FLEXA Insight. 

  • Sensory Motor Consultant. 
  • Co-owner of “Sansemotorik Aps” with 11 clinics located in Denmark. 
  • Helping children of all ages improve their sensory motor skills through physical training. 
  • Neuropsychological and pedagogical supervisor. 
  • Mother of 3 children, 1 with sensory motor challenges. 

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