Safety is essential for a child's development

Little mischief-makers should be able to play safely in their rooms and unleash their creativity. And sleep well.

They know all about this at FLEXA, who for more than 50 years have been making beds and children's furniture with a focus on safety, play and child development.

As parents, one of our most important tasks is to ensure that our children grow up in a safe environment. Specifically by keeping an eye on safety in the home, but also when it comes to the atmosphere within the four walls of the home and the environment in the children's room. Because just as we as adults are more open to creativity and play when we feel safe, children's development is also emotionally fuelled by a safe environment.Children spend many hours in their rooms, and if you ask Malene Gammelgaard Nielsen, CEO of FLEXA, it's all about taking the worry out of the equation so that parents can spend as much time as possible spending time with their children rather than worrying about safety."We know that children jump in bed. We also know that children start crawling out of bed and are more active when they reach toddler age. That's why we've eliminated all the pitfalls, including rounding the edges of our products so that little fingers don't get trapped. The most important thing for us is that parents can have complete confidence that our furniture is safe," says Malene Gammelgaard Nielsen and elaborates:"This also applies to the way our furniture is treated. The lacquer we use is completely water-based, so if your child sucks on the edge of the bed, it's not a problem, because everything is of course tested to the highest standards."

A bed is more than a place to sleep

Overall, a children's room needs to be multi-purpose and multi-functional. It should be able to accommodate wild play, but also contemplation, where the child can sit and tinker with whatever interests him or her.

"We work with some of the country's most talented experts, both in terms of safety, but also on things like sleep, play and immersion," says Malene Gammelgaard Nielsen.

"Our name, FLEXA, is a reference to the flexibility of design, and it's in the name that we want to grow with the child. Our furniture must be able to meet the changing needs throughout the child's development. A bed should be able to do many other things and be a place where you can feel cosy and safe. They should also be able to play and have fun with their mates. And most importantly, the bed should be a cosy place to ensure a good night's sleep. Good sleep is essential for everything in a child's development."

Aesthetic products

Girls are reading in a Classic single bed with a house from FLEXA

Good sleep is important


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