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    Let your child enjoy the fun of assembling, disassembling, and sorting when playing with the cognitive learning toys from FLEXA. A cognitive play corner with blocks, construction toys, games, and puzzles helps your child develop their cognitive skill set – from memory and visual processing to logical thinking and reasoning. When playing with our cognitive toys, your child learns to recognise shapes and sizes and to plan new moves in a logical sequence.


    On this page you find toys that stimulate children’s cognitive skills. Early learning toys help improve your child’s ability to concentrate and stay focused on the task at hand. Placing blocks in a construction or pieces in a puzzle improve your toddler’s coordination of hands and eyes. Try grouping building blocks by colours and shapes or arrange them by size, this supports your kid’s matching skills and eye for details.


    At FLEXA, we think of safety before anything else when we design toys. We make toys from sturdy, long-lasting materials so your child can play with them for years. Our cognitive toys have rounded edges and are perfectly sized for little hands to grip. Who’s ready to play picture lotto?