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    Wooden Toys for Babies, Toddlers & Kids 

    Children are great at playing. So, give them something great to play with! That’s what we believe, and that’s why our collection of wooden toys is created with the most recent knowledge of children’s development in mind. A team of Danish experts on children’s play have contributed with key insights in the design phase, and the result is a family of quality wooden toys, designed to encourage children from 0-6 years to MOVE, CREATE, IMAGINE and EXPLORE. 

    Looking for the perfect wooden toy for your baby, toddler, or older kid? We made it easy for you to find the right toys for your child’s age. Simply select your child’s specific age group and you will find wooden play toys that match your child’s emerging abilities.  

    More than Just Wooden Toys 

    FLEXA wooden toys are open-ended toys. This means your little one can use their FLEXA toys for many different purposes and build up a well-balanced skill set while they play and have fun. This way, our toys provide a safe and fun alternative to screen time, and they make generations come together – even grown-ups sometimes can’t keep away!  

    Made from Pure  Safe Materials 

    All FLEXA toys are made from natural, certified wood. It makes our toys extremely sturdy and long-lasting – so your child can play with them for years, and you can pass them on to siblings and relatives. When it comes to safety, we’re also at the forefront, designing every item with rounded edges and making sure our wooden toys comply with EU’s strictest standards for product safety.