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    The product range of beds includes single beds, mid-high beds, high beds, double beds, family beds and our popular bunk beds. The storage solutions include chests, wardrobes and bookcases - functional and high-quality furniture just perfect for every child’s room.


    The FLEXA Popsicle collection is designed by the Danish visionary team Herman Studio. All the products are made to fit the different needs and ages of childhood. The collection is inspired by the simple, soft and rounded shapes of a real Popsicle. A Popsicle is the essence of a joyful childhood and choosing a Popsicle product should be like picking your favourite flavour of ice cream.

    The Popsicle collection is designed with great attention to details using in-depth knowledge of kids, and is made from the finest oak wood combined with beautiful and child-appealing colours. With Popsicle you are sure to have versatile interior solutions made to meet the changing needs of every child.

    The beautiful chests and bookcases fit under the mid-high or high bed. They provide you with a variety of space-optimizing décor options that create more space for play in even the smallest rooms. The Popsicle collection is available in the colours Cherry, Blueberry and Kiwi - colours that all add a cosy feel and aesthetic to the room - and matches the rest of the FLEXA colour universe in the finest way.


    The unique thing about our products is their high quality and flexibility in the design. FLEXA products are designed to grow with the child, so the furniture can be adjusted as the child's needs and interests change throughout childhood.

    In the Popsicle collection by FLEXA you will find, among other things, our popular mid-high beds. The bed is built around different modules and can therefore be converted into a regular single bed or a high bed, should your child at one-point wish for a different type of bed. The FLEXA Popsicle bed frames are made of solid oak and oak veneer. The mid-high and high bed is also the perfect solution if you want more storage space in the room or a cosy space for quiet moments. Under the Popsicle beds you will be able to fit our chests, bookcases or our play tables and stools - all in the same colour pallet. We also recommend using the space for cooking by our play kitchen or working as a handyman or woman by the workbench. They fit like glove under a high og semi-high bed.

    If you have children that are sharing a room, our FLEXA Popsicle bunk bed is the ideal choice as it utilises the height of the room and creates a cosy and nice place to relax in the evening. Children feel more secure sleeping close to a sibling, and most children will enjoy sharing a room until they need more space for alone time. No matter how you sleep, FLEXA has a bed that will meet your needs.


    Popsicle by FLEXA is characterised by beautiful, organic shapes and clean lines that contribute to both aesthetics and functionality in the children’s room. The furniture in the Popsicle collection is designed with even the smallest details in mind, which can be seen in the large, round grips on the chest and wardrobe and the rounded legs on both beds and desks.

    Our mid-high, semi-high and high beds have ladders with non-slip steps and integrated handles that make it easy and safe for the child to climb, while our many storage furniture has soft-close that prevents little fingers from getting stuck and hurt. Additionally, all of our products are manufactured based on the strictest safety and quality requirements from the EU. You can therefore feel comfortable choosing Popsicle furniture by FLEXA that with its modern look and the beautiful colours will create lots of joy in everyday life.


    FLEXA Popsicle is a series of products created with children in mind. At FLEXA, we consider the children to be our most important experts, and all products have therefore been thoroughly tested by them and continually adjusted based on their input. Only the best is good enough for kids and we continue to improve our designs to meet their demands.

    We are always ready to go the extra mile, so we can provide excellent products without compromising our values. With FLEXA Popsicle we have created yet another unique collection that suits the children's universe. Decorate with FLEXA Popsicle and feel your mood rising with the fine lines, shapes and beautiful colours that blends easily with the other home décor. With FLEXA you get quality furniture that lasts for generations.