Amalie Skov Rahbæk


Amalie Skov Rahbæk

Amalie is among other things the designer behind the Play collection.
With children, their development and social skills in mind, Amalie works with an approach of designs, which will not only encourage children to hours of joyful play, but also please the parents through a stylish and aesthetic design.

A simple and Danish design is the characteristic of the Play collection, which is expressed by warm colours, soft edges and details for all to love. Designs which could perfectly be placed in the livingroom or kitchen as well as in the child's room.

"Children are copying the things their parents do, and therefore it is important to me, that the products contain play values with the purpose that the role-play is being guided and strengthened." - Amalie Skov Rahbæk

The Play collection won the Red Dot Design Award in 2018. The collection will put a smile on your kids’ faces while they develop their fine motor skills, and inspire them to expand the bounds of their creativity and social skills.

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