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In cooperation with FLEXA's design team the visionary design team Herman Studio has designed our Red Dot Award winning collection - POPSICLE by FLEXA. With a holistic way of thinking and a beautifully simple approach to drawing and drafting, the Herman Studio has created a collection rich on details and high quality.

"The design of the collection is inspired by the simple, soft and rounded shapes of a real popsicle. A popsicle is the essence of a joyful childhood and choosing a POPSICLE product should be like picking your favourite flavour of ice cream. During the design process, we experimented with a variety of colour combinations to get the right design flavour. We made POPSICLE in colours that are childfriendly and timeless."

- Jonas and Helle Herman Pedersen, Herman Studio

The POPSICLE collection is designed with great attention to details using in-depth knowledge of kids, and is made from the finest oak wood combined with beautiful and child-appealing colours. With POPSICLE you are sure to have versatile interior solutions made to meet the changing needs of every child. The POSPICLE storage fits perfectly under the mid-high and high beds, giving you several of versatile interior solutions and space-optimised bed designs. A beautifully balanced colour scheme combined with natural materials and shapes bring Scandinavian design to life.

Beautiful, balanced colour
POPSICLE by FLEXA is available in three colours that appeal to child and parents alike. We call them Kiwi, Cherry and Blueberry. We chose them with care – as if they were important ingredients in a delicious ice cream.
A well-balanced colour scheme is an essential part of our modern Scandinavian design philosophy. Choose from a cool shade of Blueberry, a muted Kiwi green or a dusty Cherry rose.


Passion and attention to detail in all aspects of design, finish and choice of materials. This is true CRAFTSMANSHIP

Made from the finest selected OAK, a beautiful and strong material that lasts a lifetime

SPACE-SAVING storage units that are designed especially for children and create more room to SLEEP, PLAY and STUDY

Beautiful colours with child appeal combined with natural materials and shapes that bring SCANDINAVIAN DESIGN to life

ADAPTABLE interior solutions made to meet the changing needs of every child

Safe design and SAFE materials to make your child’s room a happy place to grow


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