Expert in Children’s Development

Joern Martin Steenhold

How do we raise our children to become happy, whole-hearted people? Danish expert in children’s development, Joern Martin Steenhold, has spent his life trying to answer this question, researching the topic both from an academic angle and a practical point of view. His answer? It’s simpler than might you think: we should simply let our children engage in all kinds of play.  

“Every child gets to know the world in their own unique way. Children learn about the world first and foremost through play – and they are most perceptive when they feel safe and beloved while playing,” says Joern Martin Steenhold.   

Expert in Children’s Play 

As simple as it may sound, playing is in fact a complex concept. Throughout his career, Joern Martin Steenhold has mapped out the impressive and multifaceted knowledge-base that Danish children evolve when they engage in different types of play.  

His advice for parents and caretakers, not only in Denmark but across the world, involves a comprehensive list of things children ideally must play with during their childhood years to become happy, whole-hearted human beings – from sensing the world off the seat of a bicycle to inventing new worlds through role-playing games.   

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  • Master in pedagogy with studies in anthropology and folklore. 
  • Experienced as a kindergarten teacher and kindergarten manager. 
  • Author of 56 books on children’s development.  
  • Author of over 600 published articles. 
  • Former Head of Research.