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    Besides playtime during the day, a good night’s sleep is essential for children’s development and has a big impact on their energy-level and their ability to concentrate and learn new things. Getting optimal sleep requires a few things that you can help with, to ensure that you child is well-rested. Setting up bedtime routines and decorating the children’s room to be a safe and comfortable place to sleep, are important steps to getting a night’s rest. Soft and comfy textiles are indispensable, and if you are looking for a kids duvet, a regular sized duvet or kids pillows, we have an assortment of nice, quality textiles for children below.


    At FLEXA we believe that sleep, play, and study go hand in hand, so the children’s room needs to be decorated with a space for all three things. Especially sleep, plays a big part in your child’s well-being. That is why we never recommend compromising on the best possible materials, since they help your child wake up well-rested and ready to tackle experiences and challenges, the day may throw at them. With a kids duvet and various pillows from our assortment, you can be sure that you have the best possible products that will help your child sleep comfortably at night. You should also take a look at our soft bed linens, which are manufactured from cotton sateen.


    It is not only during the night that children need to relax and recharge their bodies and mind. Even the most active of children can sometimes need a few moments of quite time, at which it is nice to be surrounded by the softest pillows. In our ROOM collection you can choose among our quilted pillows in beautiful well-balanced colours for both boys and girls, that will match the other FLEXA furniture and products in their room.

    The pillows are available in multiple sizes and colours which makes them easy to incorporate into the existing décor. You can for example create a cosy reading nook. The cover on the pillows is easy to remove, and is suited for the washing machine at 40 degrees, so do not worry about stains.

    Among our assortment of pillows, you will also find our popular backrest cushion that can be attached on the bedframe of our different bunkbeds, including the mid-high, semi-high and high beds. The cushion help make it comfortable to sit in the bed during the day, so children can enjoy play time.

    Our backrest cushions are available in many different prints and match the themes of our other play textiles like Transportation, safari, Little Princess and Little Heroes. You will also find the same prints on our play tents and play curtains. In our wide selection of backrest cushions, we are sure your child will find something they like.


    While a kids duvet is an absolute must to ensure that your child gets a good night’s sleep, our kids pillows are rather decorative accessories that can help make the children’s room more cosy. The pillows with their beautiful prints and colours help decorate and soften the room, and makes it even more appealing to be in. Your child will want to spend hours in the room playing and relaxing, so choose FLEXA textiles to add the final details in the room.

    With our kids pillows you child can sit comfortably, which makes it easier for them to concentrate and focus on what is at hand, whether it is doing their homework, playing or listening to a bedtime story. No matter your child’s interests, you will never go wrong with our soft pillows for the children’s room or our quality kids duvet that will help your child get a good sleep by ensuring an optimal temperature and comfort all night long.