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Toys for 4-Year-Olds

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    If you’re looking for fun and educational toys for your 4-year-old child, you’ve come to the right place. Our wooden, developmental toys are designed with insights from a team of Danish experts on children’s play and development. It means you can rest assured your child plays with creative toys made to develop their entire skill set – from their motor skills to their cognitive skills. Click each toy to see what it does for your child.  


    Your 4-year-old boy or girl will continue to grow and learn new skills in the coming years. So, it’s only sensible to try and find engaging learning toys that match your child’s interests now - and in the long run. At FLEXA, we have taken on the responsibility to make toys which are long-lasting, educational, and aesthetically pleasing, all at the same time.  

    Have a look at our play kitchen, toy workbench or play shop & café - they are great examples of developmental toys for 4-year-olds. With these toys, the stage is set for playing make-believe.  Your child can invite their friends over for hours of roleplay fun. Each play furniture is made to fit nicely into your living room, and we hope this brings magical moments of spontaneous play with your little ones for many years to come. 


    All FLEXA products are manufactured from pure and natural resources. It means they are free from harmful substances, so you can be sure your little boy or girl always plays in a safe environment. Needless to say, our toys also comply with EU’s strictest product safety standards, and they get tested on a regular basis.