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    Thinking creatively when decorating the children’s bedroom is often necessary in order to fit all of your child’s belongings into a limited space. Most children like to hang on to toys and to display drawings or other creative projects, but as they grow older their collection of things grow as well. If you run out of space in the children’s room, you can check out our assortment of book display shelves below. These shelves are great for storing and displaying you child’s favourite toys, new drawings and books of course.


    When decorating your child's bedroom, you should not only focus on the space on the floor, but also remember to consider the possibilities in using the height of the room. Placing children’s book displays on the walls in the children's room frees up space on the floor, which will leave more room for active playtime on the floor and other storage solutions.


    Our kids book displays are designed based on children's needs. We regard children as our most important experts, which is why for more than 50 years we have specialised in designing products for children. Our shelves come in an incredible variety of designs that are easy to integrate into the existing interior of the children’s room. You can choose among our bookcases, bookshelves and shelves in both neutral colours and beautiful pastel colours that are designed with children's preferences in mind. It is true of all our shelves for the children's room, that they are characterized by their organic design with soft, rounded edges and their Nordic style that fits perfectly into the modern Scandinavian home. All of our products have passed EU's strictest quality and safety standards, so you can safely let your child use them every single day.


    Our assortments of book displays are timeless in their design and manufactured from materials, free from harmful toxins, such as solid ash, pine and MDF. The durable materials used ensures that FLEXA products can last for many years. Children’s needs and interests are constantly changing, and they also grow up at an incredible pace, therefore, it can be difficult to keep up. The great thing about FLEXA furniture and accessories is that the products grow with your child, so they will remain useful throughout most of their childhood. Flexibility and functional designs are what characterises FLEXA products. They can be combined in many different ways, so you get exactly the décor you want in your child's room.


    The exceptional thing about FLEXA products is the aesthetic, functional and flexible design. This means that, in addition to being incredibly nice to look at, our furniture and home accessories are also easy to integrate into the existing décor and can be combined in endless ways. The simple colour palette allows you to freely let your imagination unfold while decorating the perfect room for your child where there is room for Sleep, Play and Study.

    Among our kids book displays, you will find the White bookshelves with click-on function, which can be mounted either on the edge of the beds from our White and Nor collections or fixed to the wall like a traditional bookshelf. Our bookshelves and shelves from the Dots collection are also popular and they can easily be put together with beds, play tables, chairs, stools and storage benches from the same collection, or they can be combined with furniture from our other collections.


    Most children enjoy being read to or reading a book on their own. Therefore, books typically take up a lot of space in the room. With one of our children’s book displays you can easily fit plenty of good stories into a small room, and if you hang the book display shelf at the right height, your child can choose the book he or she would like as bedtime story. With our various book displays, the books can stand side by side with either the back or the front facing out, making it easy for the child to find his or her favourite.

    Children like to hang on to little treasures and gems, and they are often fascinated by objects that carry on value to us adults. Whether it is a special book, a toy, a stone, a beach shell, a drawing or something else entirely that is close to your child's heart and therefore needs a very special place of honour in the room, we have the perfect shelf for storing it. Which of our book display shelves should move into your home?