Family advisor

Lola Jensen

How can I be the best version of myself as a parent? Family advisor, Lola Jensen, often hears about this concern. For the past 37 years, she has helped parents find solutions to all imaginable challenges that can (and will) arise in families with small children. From sleep habits to age-appropriate activities and stimulating toys. Her humorous, hands-on approach has made her Denmark’s favourite go-to-person when it comes to children’s playing and upbringing. 

“You can be the best parent for your child – if you will just take your time and give the parent role special attention,” says Lola Jensen.  

Will you Please be Quiet 

In her bestselling book, Lola Jensen addresses a topic that many parents can relate to these days. Namely how a busy everyday life, with too much going on and not enough time to do the things that really matter, can completely overwhelm each member of the family.

On behalf of the children, Lola Jensen says “parents, will you please be quiet.” By that she means tone down the hectic level of weekly activities, leave the noisy electronics in their chargers, and try instead slowing things down. When you create a calm, intimate atmosphere at home, you make it possible for your little ones to properly filter all the impressions they have gathered during the day – improving both their sleep, appetite, and overall well-being.   

You find Lola Jensen’s useful and heart-warming inspirational tips in the articles we share with you here at FLEXA Insight.  


  • Educated social worker.
  • 37 years of experience as a family advisor. 
  • Experienced as a Supervisor for teachers and caretakers all over Denmark.
  • Author of several bestselling books on family life and children's upbringing.
  • Guest speaker on Danish national television, keynote speaker, and podcast host.