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Help Your Child Become a Better Reader

A good pencil grip is not always easy for little hands. Children need to master lots of gross and fine motor skills before they will be able to sit properly, hold the pencil correctly and write. But don't worry, there are lots of fun and super simple ways to practice. Read on for some easy tricks to help your little writer form those first squiggly letters.


  • Fine motor skills such as writing require a high degree of control, precision, and coordination.  
  • The prerequisites for learning fine motor skills are good gross motor skills. 
  • Your child needs postural control and shoulder stability to be able to hold the pencil correctly.  
  • You can help build up your child’s strength and stability by wheelbarrow or crab walking. 
  • And then encourage your little writer to practise the tripod grip with 3 simple tricks.  

Fine Motor Skills Start with Gross Motor Skills 

3 Tricks to Practise Proper Pencil Grip