Children's Mid Sleeper Beds with Storage

Children's Mid Sleeper Beds with Storage

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    At FLEXA, we know how vital a good night’s sleep and a comfortable space are for a child’s well-being and their development. In the hustle and bustle of family life, finding clever ways to save space in our homes, especially in our children’s rooms, can be a game-changer. This is where our mid sleeper beds with storage come into play, offering a comfortable place for sleeping, but is also offering a practical space to have storage for your child’s toy or wardrobe.

    Design of our mid sleeper beds with storage

    Our mid-sleeper beds from the Popsicle collection are designed with a child’s world in mind. They are designed with the natural warmth of oak wood and complemented by colors such as blue, green and cherry that brings a simple and vibrant balance to any child’s room. The beds feature Danish design that’s both simple and modern. Clean lines and a sturdy build make them ready for any childhood adventure. FLEXA designs the beds with smoothly rounded corners to ensure children’s safety.

    In our selection of mid sleepers with storage, you can also find our combination with a staircase, where the space under each step is used as a room for storage. Choosing the Popsicle Mid Sleeper with staircase gives your child an easy access to their bed, which is also safe for smaller kids to use.

    Quality and durability

    Our mid sleeper beds with storage are built to last, made from natural materials like solid oak and pine for strength. We add HDF and layers of beech and birch plywood for extra toughness.
    Safety is our top priority, which is why our beds are crafted to be a secure and safe space for children when sleeping and playing.
    To complete your set-up, add a mattress in size 90x200 cm. Choose between cotton, bamboo or eucalyptus cover to the mattress.

    Elevate and organize with built-in storage

    Adding a mid sleeper with storage to your child’s room gives you a practical element that can be used to transform clutter into neatness. The storage is built to fit into the open space beneath a mid sleeper.

    This storage is ideal for putting away toys, organizing books, or keeping clothes neatly folded and out of sight. It’s a practical solution that helps maintain a tidy room, encouraging kids to keep their spaces clean and organized. Buying this bed is a clever way to maximize the available space in your child’s room without the need for extra furniture. But when the day comes and your child no longer needs a mid sleeper, you can move the storage under the bed and place it wherever you want in your home.

    Simple care for your child’s bed

    Keeping your mid sleeper with storage in top shape is easy. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth for regular cleaning. This removes dust and keeps the wood looking good. For the storage areas, a quick vacuum is enough to keep them neat and fresh. Use gentle cleaning products for a deeper clean. All furniture from FLEXA is made of natural materials, so harsh chemicals can be damaging on the wood. With these easy steps, the bed stays clean and safe for years to come.

    The FLEXA mid sleeper with storage stands out as the perfect solution for parents aiming to make the most of their child’s room. But FLEXA offers more than just a bed. We provide a complete range of accessories to personalize and enhance your child’s room. From cozy bedding to toys, you can tailor the space to reflect your child’s personality and interests. Our selection of desks and study chairs complements the bed and ensures that your child’s room is equipped for both rest and study.