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Children’s Mattresses 90x200 cm

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    Why choose a FLEXA mattress for your kid’s bed? The answer is simple: then you never have to buy another kids’ bed mattress again. Like all our mattresses, FLEXA mattresses measuring 90x200 cm are designed to always secure the right support for your child – even as your child goes through major growth spurts.

    Our 90x200 cm mattresses are designed to fit perfectly in your child’s bed, whether it’s a single bed, mid-high bed, semi-high bed, bunk bed, high bed, daybed, or house bed.

    Reversible Kids Mattresses

    The best sleeping position is when hip and shoulders sink slightly into the mattress, keeping your child’s spine completely straight when they lie on the side. With growing children, who constantly increase their height and weight, this calls for a flexible mattress.

    That’s why several of our kids’ mattresses measuring 90x200 cm are reversible, allowing you to flip the mattress as your child matures. Start by using the side with 3 cm of latex, and when your child weighs more than 40 kg, flip the mattress to get the right spinal pressure for your older child.

    For more tips on choosing the right kids’ mattress, read the article: 4 Tips to Pick the Right Mattress for Your Child.

    Sensitive Skin or Allergies? No Problem

    On this page, you also find allergy-friendly 90x190 cm mattresses. Check out the FLEXA Mattress and the FLEXA Latex Mattress, which are both great choices if your little one suffers from sensitive skin or allergy. Air ducts inside the mattresses provide good ventilation and help transport moisture away from your child’s body at night.

    Choose between a silky soft, antibacterial bamboo cover, a cooling eucalyptus cover, or a 100% natural cotton cover. All our mattresses and covers are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.