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    When the time comes that your baby is ready to start eating more solid food, it is a good idea to get your hands on a baby chair so they can join you at the dining room table and participate in meals, like the rest of the family. For this purpose, a high chair is a great choice, and below you will find our assortment of these. The great thing about a FLEXA high chair, is that it can grow with the child from those early days eating their dinner with their fingers – and even as a teenager the chair is still popular and useful. The FLEXA chair is adjustable, so it can be modified to children’s changing needs - no matter if it is used by a toddler or schoolkid.


    There is a well-known saying that you eat with your eyes first – but when it comes to babies they first and foremost eat with their hands. When you first present solid foods to your baby, they will investigate its consistency, smell and taste, which is all done sitting comfortably in a good chair.

    With a FLEXA baby chair, your little one can join the rest of the family around the dining room table, while sitting securely and comfortably. In a high chair, the child reaches a height, where they can be at eye level with their parents and siblings. With the high chair we recommend the safety bar with a safety strap and T-belt. Additionally, a trey and cushion for the high chair can be bought.


    Our high chair from the Baby collection is a chair with many adjustable features. The chair can, incredibly enough, be used by both babies and teenagers that is why this chair is a good investment, since it remains useful for many years. The chair is recommended for children age 8 months and up.

    When your baby is older the chair can be modified to fit the needs of toddlers from age three and up, which is done by moving the foot plate and removing the safety bar. You can change the legs with shorter ones, which you can buy below, to make it a junior chair that your child can enjoy from age 5 to 12. The changeable legs are available in both natural coloured beech wood and white painted.

    The FLEXA high chair has a stylish, timeless design that will stand the test of time. Thanks to the durable and well-chosen materials, the chair can withstand everyday wear and tear so it can be passed on to siblings or new generations.


    Besides the flexible high chairs, we at FLEXA also design other pieces of furniture that can help enhance the décor and create the perfect environment for children to grow up in. We have furniture for the children’s room, bathroom, office, kitchen or wherever our furniture will fit in at your home. Flexibility, quality, and beautiful design which are all characteristics of the baby chair, are also recurrent characterises in our other collections. Whether you are looking for a flexible storage solution that can be continually modified, or if you are looking for a children’s bed, our furniture collections are a good place to look. Our furniture looks great when combined with other pieces, so take a look at our Nor, White, or Roomie collections, to find furniture that can be combined with the junior chair. In the collections, the wooden materials and white colour are reoccurring design elements. If you want a more colourful children’s room, you can take a look at the furniture from the Popsicle collection, where beautiful nuances of red and blue are used.


    At FLEXA, we have a playful approach to design and we never compromise on quality. All of our products are designed to meet the expectations of whom it is all about, namely the children. The Danish furniture designer Hans Sandgren is the one behind our high chair, and its flexible design comes across in its many features that can be adapted and modified. The materials used ensures great quality, and they make sure that the chair is both sturdy and easy to maintain. The plastic seat can easily go in the dishwasher, or be wiped off with a cloth after meals. The baby chairs have a Scandinavian look, and will fit nicely into most homes.

    The baby chairs’ design is in line with our other products with its timeless, clean lines. The design is functional, and it allows the furniture to grow with the child, and the soft, organic shapes makes it safe for children. Our baby chairs have all passed EU’s strictest product safety and quality standards, which is your guarantee that you get a quality product. With a baby chair from FLEXA, you get a high chair that can be easily modified during the years, so fit your child’s changing needs.