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    A comfortable bed is not only nice to sleep in during the night. It is also a comfortable place to relax during the day, perhaps with a good book or maybe your child prefers to simply lay there daydreaming to unwind after a long day. A supportive backrest cushion allows your child to sit comfortably in their bed. At FLEXA we have designed cool-looking and innovative backrest cushions that will fit on the headboard of our beds from the Classic, Popsicle, Nor, and White collections. A Backrest cushion for the bed also allows your child to use their bed during the day, as they can sit with optimal back support and enjoy reading a good book or other activities.


    Proper ergonomic support is key for your child’s health and well-being, and at FLEXA we are committed to designing ergonomic furniture solutions whether it is for play, sleep or study, so your child can have the best possible start in life. Children are our most valued ambassadors, since they are the ones whom our products are created for, so it is only natural that they help us test our products.

    FLEXA products are designed to grow with your child, and that is also true of our backrest cushions that make the bed extra comfortable to use during the day. The cushions are manufactured from durable cotton, and the cover is removeable and suited for washing at 40 degrees. The cushions are available in several designs that children will adore, and they match our other textiles from the same themes that include Safari, Little Princess, Transportation and Little heroes.


    Our backrest cushions are just one among many different types of play textiles that can help make your child’s bed extra cosy. Decorating with FLEXA textiles such as our backrest cushions, bed linen, bed pockets and play curtains will make the children’s room a fun place to play, and an optimal place to relax. Our textiles, including the popular backrest cushions, are easy to incorporate into the existing décor, and the soft colours of the textiles will blend nicely with the furniture in the room.


    At FLEXA our mission is to create safe and functional products for the children’s room that are aesthetically pleasing to look at and manufactured from well-chosen quality materials. It is important to us that children like our products, and that they help improve their room to make it more fun, cosy, and functional. Not everyone has the luxury of having a big home, but a smaller children’s room can be just as nice. With our many functional pieces of furniture, it is easier to make room for everything essential for the children.

    It takes more thought and creativity to decorate a smaller room, but our best piece of advice for you is to remember to utilize the height in the room. A mid-high or semi-high bed is great for younger children, while older children will love to sleep in a high bed. The great advantage of these types of beds is that they are elevated from the floor, which frees up space under the bed that can be used for storage, a cosy play area, or you can decorate it with a desk and study chair for older children. At FLEXA, we have many pieces of furniture that will fit under our different types of elevated beds. Take a look at our study desks or storage solutions including chests, wardrobes and bookcases. In the actual bed you can attach our backrest cushion, so your child can sit comfortably in their FLEXA bed and use it as a reading nook during the day.


    A children’s bedroom should be an inviting space where children feel inspired to play and have fun. You can promote that feeling of playfulness by decorating the room with space for the little ones to play. Try to avoid cluttering their room and instead keep the décor simple with functional pieces of furniture. You should think about adding small, but important finishes, such as our play textiles that are both decorative but also promotes playfulness as the themes are chosen based on children’s interests and fantasies.

    Does your child love princesses, cars or perhaps wild animals? You can choose the exact textile that fits your child’s likes. Stick to the same theme when choosing different textiles, or mix and match. You can start by decorating the room with a soft backrest cushion for the bunk bed and decorate the rest of the room thereafter.