Children's Mid Sleepers 90x200

Children's Mid Sleepers 90x200

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    As parents, we all want the best for our children, and a key part of that is ensuring our children get a good night’s sleep. Sleep plays a pivotal role in a child’s ability to learn, focus, and unleash their creativity. Our mid sleepers, size 90x200 cm, are designed to be a dream come true for children aged six and beyond.

    Discover FLEXA’s mid sleepers in size 90x200 cm

    When it comes to creating a cozy and safe space for your child, the choice of bed is essential. Our bed collections - Popsicle, Classic, Nor and White offer a unique blend of style, durability and comfort. These mid sleepers in size 90x200 come with either a simple nordic charm or colorful splash and fosters children’s imaginative play. FLEXA is known for their flexible bed system, and with a mid sleeper from FLEXA you have the opportunity to rebuild your mid sleeper to a different bed type, when your child’s needs change.

    FLEXA mid sleepers in 90x200 cm are all crafted in robust materials - such as solid pine, solid oak and birch plywood. The choice of wood ensures that each bed can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.
    Birch plywood is utilized for its robustness and lightweight properties, making it an ideal material for children’s furniture. The combination of these high-quality materials in our beds ensures that they are safe and sturdy.

    Unique design and features of beds

    FLEXA’s bed collections are a blend of thoughtful design and adaptable features, they are designed to grow with your child. Transform a mid sleeper bed into a loft bed by adding higher legs and introduce new possibilities and extending the life of your bed from FLEXA. You can also choose from a palette of Nordic-inspired colors like blueberry/oak, cherry/oak, kiwi/oak, and pristine white. Whether it's a straight ladder, a frame to turn your bed into a house bed, or a slanting ladder with a slide – our beds offer a variety of adventure levels for your little explorer. It’s up to you to set the limit.

    Our mid sleepers with a slide is the perfect bed to turn your child’s room into a playground and let begin every morning with a rush. The range of designs caters to various preferences and room sizes. Mid sleepers with a slide adds a fun statement to your child’s room any child would be happy to have.

    One of the features of FLEXA, which we are most known for, is our beds adaptability. We know children grow and their needs change and evolve. The mid sleeper in 90x200 cm is a perfect match to follow your child through-out their childhood. The flexible bed system allows you to rebuild the bed into different combinations any child would be pleased to have, and once they grow into being a tween, you can easily adapt the bed to a sofa bed. The flexible bed system offers new possibilities and it extends the life and use of the bed. The flexibility ensures that the bed remains a valuable and cherished piece of furniture throughout your child's formative years.

    Maximizing space with FLEXA’s mid sleeper beds

    The mid sleeper bed in 90x200 size is skillfully designed to maximize your child’s room space. This design creates extra room under the bed which can be turned into a fun play area for kids or used for practical storage, helping to keep the room tidy and organized.

    When it comes to organizing, FLEXA offers a range of storage options designed to fit neatly under these beds. From shelves to three-drawer chests, these storage solutions are tailored to keep toys and clothes in the right place and away from the floor.

    Besides mid sleeper beds in size 90x200, FLEXA provides everything you need to complete your child’s comfortable sleeping environment, including mattresses, duvets, and pillows. FLEXA’s collections extends to other essential children’s furniture, like ergonomic desks and chairs, and practical storage solutions like our toy organizer in playful colors, all designed to complement the bed and complete the room for your growing child.