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Baby High Chair

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    Once it is time for your baby to start eating more solid food, you will need a high chair for them to sit in during feeding time. If you have not yet bought a baby high chair then check out our assortment in the Baby collection. The great thing about a FLEXA high chair is the flexible design that allows the chair to be adjusted, so it can be used by babies and teenagers. A high chair from FLEXA is made from quality materials, and can grow with your child so it fits their changing needs, and for a baby, it makes it possible for them to join the rest of their family around the dinner table.


    It is a big step when the baby in the family is finally old enough to join the rest of the family around the table at dinner time. The little ones are eager to taste, touch, and get a sense of food for the first time – even if most of it will go everywhere, but into their mouth. A whole new world will open for the little ones, as they start to join their family around the dining room table, with a high chair they can be at eye level with everything that is going on. From watching everyone around the table, babies will soon develop new skills, such as learning to eat with utensils.

    Functionality and comfort are essential factors when we at FLEXA design furniture for children, and the baby high chair is no exception. The ergonomic design allows for optimal comfort, both for the child who will sit comfortable in the FLEXA high chair, but also for the parents because the chair is at an optimal height for them. Add the FLEXA high chair cushion for extra back support. Functionality comes across in the chair’s design, and the many ways it is possible to adjust and modify it according to the child’s changing needs.

    The FLEXA high chair comes with several practical accessories that can be purchased below. You will find a safety bar, tray, and a cushion available in two different colours. The safety bar is a must have for your baby, so he or she will be safe in the chair, while the tray and cushion are practical additions to the chair.


    Our high chair from the Baby Collection is quite special, as it can be modified as the months and years go by. From the time you baby is born and until he or she reaches school age, the chair will only need few adjustments, which makes it both a practical and economic choice investing in a high chair. For a baby, the chair is used with the safety bar and perhaps tray. Once your baby gets older, you can remove the safety bar and change the legs with shorter ones, which is great for children age 3 to 5 years old when they can use a junior chair.

    The high chair can easily be adjusted into different heights, so it will fit your child as he or she grows up. Additionally, the FLEXA high chair can be modified to fit with tables of different heights, and the footplate can be moved downward as the child grows.

    The chair is easy to modify from a baby high chair and into a junior chair, which is simply done by changing the legs with shorter ones that come in either beech wood or white coloured wood. With its timeless design the chair will never go out fashion, and the durable materials allow it to last all through childhood and even be passed down to siblings, who can also enjoy the chair.


    The Danish furniture designer Hans Sandgren has designed the FLEXA high chair. The baby high chair has a plastic seat that can easily be wiped off or put in the dishwasher when needed. The legs are made from beech wood which gives the chair a nice Scandinavian look, and the chair comes both in natural coloured wood or with white painted legs, so you can choose the design that compliments your home.

    The overall look of the chair is in line with the rest of our furniture that all focuses on flexibility and organic shapes with rounded edges, which makes the furniture safe for children, as there are no sharp edges for them to get hurt by. The FLEXA high chair has passed EU’s strictest product safety and quality standards, so you can feel at ease letting your child sit in the chair throughout their childhood. The chair is both beautiful and versatile as it can be adapted to fit children’s changing needs, and parents and children can enjoy it for many years into the future.


    Besides our high chair, you will find lots of other great pieces of furniture in our BABY collection for the youngest in the family. Check out our other collections, where you, among other things, will find practical storage solutions. Our children’s furniture can easily be mixed and matched across collections, whether you like a colourful or more muted white décor is up to you. You can for example combine the high chair with the colourful furniture from our Dots collection.

    Designing products for children is our speciality, and furniture designed by FLEXA will surely make life with a newborn easier, whether you need a high chair, cot, changing table, or storage solutions, we got it all. We always design products with children in mind, so they can live up to their needs and preferences.