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    Welcome in the Cottage – in this new collection you will find our decorative bed that is both fun for children to sleep in and use during playtime. Playing house is among children’s favourite pastimes, they enjoy acting out different roles with friends, and if they need extra roles filled, stuffed animals and dolls are also invited to join in the fun. The Cottage is the perfect piece of furniture that encourages imaginative play, and at the same time functions as a cot that children will love to sleep in at night.

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    Children have an active imagination and loves the possibilities and perfect setting that the Cottage provides. When they are tired after a long day of playing, the little ones can crawl into the little cottage for a good night’s sleep, and dream of the fun they will have the next day.


    At FLEXA, we have more than 50 years of experience designing furniture and toys for children, and in that time, we have come to understand children’s likes and dislikes pretty well. Thanks to our team of experts, namely the children themselves, we have gained valuable insight into their preferences, so we can design even better products for them. The Cottage collection has also been tested by our team of experts, who have given it their stamp of approval.

    A great feature of the Cottage, is that it’s easy to customize according to your child’s preferences that is also why it was a big hit among all of our experts. Children can customize the Cottage with all their favourite stuff, until they have the house of their dreams. Children will proudly show off their cottage to friends, whom they can invite inside for hours of fun. Kids are by nature incredibly imaginative, and they are quick to come up with different role plays to do with friends, parents or siblings. This Cottage bed further fosters that imagination and works as an inspiring setting for different role play scenarios to be played out.

    The fact that the Cottage can be customized also allows the furniture to grow with the child, since it can be adapted to fit their changing interests. One day, when the little ones no longer want to play house with friends, the cot will still be a decorative element in the bedroom.


    Quality and safety are at the core of everything we design, and the same is true of our Cottage collection. The house frame is made of pinewood and is untreated, so you do not have to worry about any toxic additives in lacquer or varnish, since the material is raw. We think the raw wood is decorative and adds a rustic, warm look to the children’s room. The raw pinewood also looks great together with the well-known colours that are, among other things, found on our play tables and stools from the Popsicle collection. As with all of our other products, the Cottage has passed EU’s strictest product safety standards, so you can feel at ease letting your children play and sleep in the cot.


    The cot from the Cottage collection provides the perfect setting for sleep and play, but you need a quality mattress to make the cot complete. In our FLEXA Sleep collection you will find a wide selection of quality mattresses, whether your child prefers a soft or firm mattress. We also have duvets and pillows, so the little ones can sleep comfortably and dream big.

    Sleep is important for children’s development both mentally and physically, and a good night’s sleep makes for happier, healthier children. During the night, the little ones resituate and process the events of that day. An important factor for children’s sleep, is providing them with space where they feel safe and relaxed, so they will wake up the following day full of energy, ready to play, have fun and learn new and exciting things.