Children's Mid Sleepers

Children's Mid Sleepers

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    A good night's sleep is essential for children and for their ability to learn, focus, remember and be creative. And a good night's sleep requires a good and comfortable bed. FLEXA offers a wide range of mid-high beds for children from the age of 6 and to their teens. All of our mid sleepers are made from long-lasting materials with children and their changing needs in mind. Children grow up fast, and many of the beds from FLEXA are designed to grow with the child.

    Midsleeper in high quality

    Our mid-high beds combine high quality design and materials with playfulness. The durable materials ensure that the FLEXA Mid-high bed can last through-out their childhood. Materials such solid oak, solid pine and MDF is not only materials that ensures the stability and safety of the bed in a child’s room, but is also materials that is everlasting in it’s design. Natural materials and high quality are always on trend.
    You find our mid-high beds in the following collections; Classic, White, Nor and Popsicle. Each collection offers you a wide range of beds designed with rounded shapes and edges.

    The midsleepers from FLEXA are designed with a nordic feel, but also in playful colors such as blue, green and cherry from our Popsicle collection. The beds and their design can easily fit into any home, and will look great with other pieces of furniture from FLEXA but also from the existing décor in your home.

    Use the space under the mid sleeper

    Unlock the magic of having a mid-high bed. The height of the bed allows you to take advantage of the space underneath when decorating your child’s room. The extra space underneath the bed is the perfect space to create a cosy cave for your child. Our mid-high bed with treehouse bed fronts is a unique option that gives your child the ultimate cave. A mid-high bed can also be the practical choice, where the extra space is used for storage. Our Popsicle Mid-high bed with storage is a great example of how you can make use of the space underneath the bed and add more floor-space in your child’s room.

    Explorer our chests and cupboards and browse through the options of adding extra storage for children’s wardrobes and all their toys.

    Mid sleeper beds with slides

    We at FLEXA know children, and we know it sometimes can be difficult to get the kids out of bed in the morning. A FLEXA Mid-high bed with a slide allows your child to start every morning with a rush. Adding a slide to your mid–high bed is an easy way to add a fun statement to the kids room and turn the room into a fun playground they will proudly show all their playmates.

    Many of our mid-high beds are a part of our flexible bed system that gives you the possibility to rebuild the bed as the child grows up and their needs change. The slide is a simple piece to add or remove again. You can change the bed to a sofa bed or add higher legs to transform the mid-high bed to a high bed. The flexibility of the bed system ensures a long lifetime and makes it easy for the bed to be used by children up through the years. You will find a mid-high bed with a slide in the Nor, White and Classic collection.

    Flexible design is at the core of FLEXA

    Every piece of furniture is designed to help contribute to making the children’s room a comfortable place to sleep, a fun space to play in and finally, a room where the child feels inspired to study and explore their creativity. With our mid-high bed with a slide, our three focus areas have been combined into one piece of furniture. In the bed children can sleep comfortably, do their homework in the nook underneath the bed and have fun on the slide.

    Restful sleep combined with decor

    Good sleep, playfulness and quality materials are essential elements when we design and make our beds. The mid sleeper encourages children to build a cosy space under the bed, where they can play, hide and create their own little world. We have not only developed the bed frame, but also mattresses in high quality that are designed with a focus on giving children the best possible environment for a good night’s sleep.

    Designing a personalized space with a mid-sleeper

    Creating a special space for kids is not just about making it look good, it’s also about helping them grow and show who they are. FLEXA mid sleepers for children are perfect for this. They offer many ways to make them unique, turning these beds into more than just a place to sleep. Kids can use them to show their creativity and own style. And the best of all is that the beds are built for life and to last a lifetime.

    Having their own space is very important for kids. It’s a place where they can think, dream, and just be themselves. A FLEXA bed that they help design is more than just a bed. It’s their special place where they can let their imagination run wild. It’s not just for fun - it’s a way for kids to show who they are and feel proud of their own space. So, our mid-height beds for children give kids more than just a comfy place to sleep - they give them a special spot where they can bring their dreams and ideas to life.

    Exploring the FLEXA range beyond mid-high beds for kids

    FLEXA's range extends far beyond just mid-high beds for kids and teens, offering an extensive collection of furnishings and accessories that cater to every aspect of a child's room. Alongside their iconic beds, FLEXA provides a diverse selection of bed accessories, ensuring that each bed is not only comfortable but also uniquely tailored to every child's preference.

    For the young scholars, FLEXA's desks and chairs are designed with functionality in mind, creating an ideal environment for studying and creativity. These pieces are crafted to grow with the child, emphasizing adaptability and longevity.

    FLEXA’s play area furniture includes playful and practical items like play tables, stools, and storage benches, ideal for arts, crafts, and imaginative play. Their bookcases and displays encourage reading by making books accessible and appealing to kids. Storage solutions like chests, wardrobes, and soft storage options from FLEXA keep your rooms tidy and organized.

    FLEXA also provides a variety of toys that match their furniture, improving the room’s overall feel. These toys are enjoyable and educational, aimed at boosting learning and creativity. Basically, FLEXA’s collection covers all needs for children’s rooms, including sleep, study, play, and organization. They prioritize quality, safety, and design in everything they offer.