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    A good night's sleep is essential for children and for their ability to learn, focus, remember and to be creative. And a good night's sleep requires a good, comfortable bed. FLEXA offers a junior bed for children from the age of three years and up to grade school. The FLEXA junior bed is created in long-lasting materials with children and their changing needs in focus. Children grow up fast and FLEXA designs beds that grow with the child.

    Junior bed for children

    FLEXA junior beds are perfect for children from the age of 3 months up through the years to preschool. The FLEXA junior bed has a pull-out function from 140 to 190 cm and is perfect for an active toddler, who outgrown the baby cot but still prefers extra comfort and safety. Extend the bed to 190 cm length with the smart pull-out function. Use the drawer underneath the bed to store your child’s toys or bed linen.