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    FLEXA’s junior beds are designed to be a safe and secure place for any toddler to recharge for their next adventure. The junior are designed to fit into any toddler nursery with a simple design that can easily be customized with accessories to make it their unique space. 

    Our junior bed with a bed frame is a cute bed that comes in white and green. The frame turns the bed into your toddlers own little house. Our Ask collection offers a variety of combinations where it is simple to add bed drawers or remove the safety rail, when it’s no longer needed. This gives you the option of turning the bed into a standard junior bed or even a chic sofa, perfect for reading or relaxing once your child grows out of their junior bed and is ready for a single bed in size 90x200.

    Innovative design

    FLEXA’s bed collection for toddlers is a perfect blend of innovation and style, tailored to ignite children’s imaginations and cater to their comfort. 

    Our house-shaped beds are a standout, featuring cabin structures complete with safety barriers and ladders. While classic white remains our most popular color choice for its versatility appeal, we also offer beds in a green and wooden color. 

    Whether it’s the playful designs with ladders or the more streamlined versions without, FLEXA got you covered.

    Easy assembly and maintenance

    FLEXA understands that time is precious for busy families, which is why we’ve designed our junior beds with easy assembly and low-maintenance in mind. We provide clear and concise instructions, ensuring a smooth setup.

    When it comes to maintenance, our beds for toddlers are designed for durability. The surfaces of our beds can be effortlessly cleaned with just a damp cloth, making it simple to keep them looking fresh and new. 

    The simple cleaning process is beneficial as we at FLEXA understand that life moves fast especially for families with smaller children, where your child needs you to help them get by. The use of high-quality materials in our junior beds also means they're built to withstand the daily wear and tear of children's play, ensuring longevity and consistent comfort for years to come.

    Creating a complete sleep environment

    At FLEXA, we are dedicated to creating a harmonious sleep environment that nurtures your child’s rest and growth. Our range is thoughtfully designed with children’s needs in mind. Our commitment to comfort doesn’t stop at beds. We also offer high-quality mattresses, crafted to support your child’s body while they sleep, along with cozy duvets and soft bed sheets that ensure a snug and restful night.

    We understand that children have different needs, which is why we’ve developed a line of sleep and study furniture that blend functionality with style. Our desks and chairs are designed to complement our beds, creating a functional bedroom for your child that encourages rest and productivity.