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Spare parts and fittings

127 products
    127 products
    Bunk Bed Connecter Ring - Classic
    Bearing for drawers - Roomie, Classic & Popsicle
    Door for Cupboard or Shelf 2 pcs
    Drawer guider - Classic, Nor & White
    Stopper for Pull out bed
    Barrel Nut
    Connecting Bolt
    Ribbon for Slatbase
    Slat end plastic-fitting
    Center fitting
    Spindle housing and Spindle screw
    L Shaped Plastic Part
    Slat with holes
    Slat without holes
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    FLEXA is renowned for its durable and well-crafted furniture. Our spare parts and fittings uphold the same quality standards, ensuring your bed remains sturdy and reliable. Instead of replacing your entire bed, our spare parts enable you to extend its lifespan and save money, making it an eco-friendly choice. Many of our spare parts come with user-friendly installation instructions, making it simple for you to refurbish your FLEXA bed without the need for professional assistance.

    Explore Our Range of Spare Parts:

    Discover a selection of connectors and brackets to secure the various components of your FLEXA bed, ensuring stability and safety. Keep your loved ones safe with our range of safety rails designed to prevent accidental falls during sleep. Make it easier for your child to access the top bunk with our sturdy ladders and steps, available in various styles and finishes. Upgrade your bed's comfort and support with our range of slats and mattress supports, available in different sizes to fit your specific FLEXA bed model. From screws and bolts to decorative knobs, we offer a wide array of hardware and accessories to enhance the appearance and functionality of your FLEXA furniture.