Girls are reading in a Classic single bed with a house from FLEXA

Turn Your Child's Bed Into a Happy Place

Comfort and a sense of security is so important for your child’s quality of sleep at night. A good bedtime routine is key to make your child feel safe and secure before going to bed, but there are also things you can do to help your little boy or girl feel cosy and comfortable once in their bed. Scroll down to learn how you are more likely to get your little bundle of energy to stay in bed. 

Below, Physiotherapist, Rikke Randrup Skaaning, shares her four best tips to turn the bed into a calm and comfortable place for your little one: 


  • You can help turn your child’s bed into a happy place by: 
  • Placing the bed close to you. 
  • Think about setting a cosy bedtime lighting. 
  • Keeping a safety rail and maybe a crib bumper on the bed.  
  • Creating a cave-like atmosphere with a bed canopy, a little roof, or a cave. 

1. Place the Bed Close to Mum and Dad

3. Keep a Rail on the Bed