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Childrens Study Desks FAQs

There is no “right age”, but a height-adjustable desk can benefit your child right from their first day of school and well into their teenage years. A desk is not just for doing homework; it’sjust as much a place where your child can experiment, play, and be creative – alone or together with friends or siblings. So, the right time to give your child a workspace of their own, is whenever you decideit’s time. 

Yes, especially when it comes tokid’s desks with mechanism such as adjustable heights and tilting surfaces, your child’ssafety is important. To keep your child safe and comfortable, all our study furniture is designed with soft, rounded edges and child-friendly knobs and handles.Your child’s FLEXA desk is also a well-built,stable piece of furnitureand, like all our designs, it’s in compliance with EU’s strictest product safety standards.

We recommend you go for easy-reach storage, such as open bookcases, handy wall-mounted display shelves, and spaciousdesk drawers. A chest or hutch is also a great way to make good use of the space around your child’s desk, making it easy for your child to keep track of their homework, books, and creative projects. 

You child’s desk should be able to withstand a great deal of workload – for many years to come. So, opt for a desk made of durable, sturdy materials, like hard-wearing wood or metal. You may also want to consider buying a desk which is easy to clean and maintain, like a desk with a laminate desktop for instance. At any point you can add a soft desk pad to protect the tabletop from scratches, wear, and tear.

A good, ergonomic workspace allows you to switch position often and easily, helping you to stay comfortable and energised for longer. Give your child the best conditions for learning with a desk and chairthat can be adjusted totheirexact needs – both now and in the years to come. As a rule of thumb, when your child’s elbows, hips, and knees are bend at 90-degree angles, they’re seated correctly. Most of our desks also have a tiltable tabletop– this is to prevent neck pains and ensure a good readinglight. 

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Children’s Study Chairs

An adjustable study chair means easy movement, helping your child stay comfortable and energised for longer.

Study Storage

Handy storage is key to keeping track of your child’s schoolbooks, homework assignments, and hobby projects.

Did you know?

“Many children do their homework at the dining table. And there is no ‘wrong’ place to do your homework. But sitting still and looking down for a long period of time can be uncomfortable, as it puts pressure on the upper joints of your neck.

With an adjustable desk you’re sure to give your child an ergonomically correct workstation where they can easily switch position and stay comfortable and energised for longer.”

Occupational Therapist,
Camilla Ejsing.

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