3 Brilliant Colour Trends for the Kid’s Room

by Lene Roenfeldt

Dreaming of giving your child a beautiful new room, but not in the mood for a big makeover? Try adding some new colours to the room, says Scandinavian Interior Designer Lene Roenfeldt. She has three brilliant ideas for you – and the best of all? These trends won’t cost you a fortune, you can do them over a weekend, and they’ll still make a world of difference. 


  • According to Danish Interior Designer, Lene Roenfeldt, these colours trends are hot right now: 
    • Painted ceilings – a great way to bring your child's favourite colour into the room.  
    • Paint from the floor up to a height of 120 cm – for a cool and grounded look.  
    • Use tone-on-tone colours on door frames and furniture – and create a calm look.  
  • Go ahead and play with the colours! Gone are the days of girly pink and boyish blue.  

In just a few steps, you can transform your child's room into an absolute dream room – a room that both you and your style-conscious boy or girl can be proud to show off to friends and family. It's just a matter of thinking in colours, says Danish Interior Designer, Lene Roenfeldt. And she has three trending ideas for you:  

1. Paint the Ceiling your Favourite Colour

Who says you’re not allowed to splash a little paint on the ceiling?  

"I love the trend where you paint the ceiling instead of the walls. It's a brilliant way to bring your child's favourite colour into the room. Let’s say your child's favourite colour is purple, and you have a hard time imagining that "purple for the entire room" would look good. Try using a neutral beige or grey on the walls and paint only the ceiling purple. This will create a nice balance in the room, and you’ll end up with a solution you’re both happy about."   

2. Paint at Child’s Height  

If you're not into painting the entire room, perhaps this trend is more right for you:   

"Another trend is painting from the floor up to a height of, for example, 120 cm, and leaving the rest of the walls white. What this does is it camouflages all the brightly coloured toys on the floor, keeping your child’s room nicely grounded, and if you choose a colour that’s not too dark, it will even make the room look bigger,” says Lene Roenfeldt and continues:  

“If you like to go all-in on graded tones, you can also paint the ceiling a slightly lighter or darker shade of the wall colour. This will add even more harmony."  

3. Tone-on-Tone Colours  

Include different tones of the same colour on anything from skirting boards and door frames to textiles and storage furniture.    

"Door frames and skirting boards painted in the same colour as the wall, or in a tone just above or below the wall colour, is a big interior design trend. Use this trick in your child’s room to avoid the stark contrast between white frames and coloured surfaces. Instead, the monochrome look will bring calm and harmony to the room. Complete the look with matching textiles or unicoloured storage furniture, where you can hide the toys away when it's time for bed."  

Lene Roenfeldt concludes by declaring the days of pink for girls' rooms and light blue for boys' rooms gone: "Today, we see an openness to colours and the way they’re mixed and matched – old and new are combined, preferably with natural wood as an accent to the colourful surfaces." 


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