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    Classic Raw

    Classic Raw is a tribute to our 50th anniversary. A unique series of our best-known children’s beds, where we go back to the origins of the Classic collection combined with our modern functionality and style.

    Raw is designed in a simple look that pays homage to the pinewood with matte black screws. The bed collection from Raw is more than just a bed.

    A classic and timeless design offers endless possibilities when decorating the children’s room. The bed is smart today and in 50 years.

    - Inspired by raw nature

    - Carefully hand-sorted Nordic pinewood Designed in Denmark, produced in the EU Timeless design

    - Strong and resilient material for durability

    - FSCTM Label – crafted from certified wood

    - Durable & sustainable materials

    A natural choice for future generations

    Wood is a living material. It is soft to touch, and it is strong, natural, and safe. That is why it is the optimal material for kid’s furniture and toys.

    Variation in colour and structure of natural wood will occur due to unique growth patterns, and environmental factors affecting the tree growing up. No piece of wood is the same. In many ways it is the same with kids.

    We are affected by our surroundings. Therefore, you may experience that your FLEXA-product is changing in glow and hue. Even smaller cracks may appear over time. But do not worry, this is just a natural part of your wood product’s journey and does not compromise the functionality nor the quality.

    Care for your new wood product

    Since the product comes un-lacquered it is more sensitive towards heat, humidity, and moisture. A dry and warm room can cause the wood to dry out, and a room with high humidity can cause the wood to expand.

    We therefore recommend that your product is installed and or stored in a stabile indoor household environment (18-21 C - humidity 40-60 pct). Remember to re-tighten the screws after a few months.

    Remove dust or grime gently with a damp microfiber cloth. Do not let water sit on wood as it can damage the surface.

    If you take good care of your new FLEXA product, it will live long enough to bring joy to future generations.