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    From the moment your baby comes into the world they deserve the absolute best. There are plenty of things that needs to be taken care of before a baby is born, and at FLEXA we can help you get ready for the baby’s arrival with some of the most needed equipment. We have created FLEXA Baby, a complete collection of children's furniture for babies and small children from 0-3 years old. Here you will find both a cot, high chair and changing table as well as various accessories and textiles, so you can quickly get the essentials in place for baby's arrival.


    Newborns sleep a lot, and sleep in general is something that occupies everyone’s mind when they have children. Therefore, it is important that your child has a safe and secure place to rest, both at night and for naps during the day. At FLEXA we have designed several beautiful cots in a clean and stylish design that fits perfectly into the Scandinavian décor scheme. The design is timeless and fits well in with the children's furniture from FLEXA Baby, so you can pass on the cot to other babies in the family.

    Among our cots you will find the popular beech wood cot designed by furniture designer Hans Sandgren. The bed is incredibly versatile and flexible in that it can be adjusted in five different stages. You can start by using the bed as a classic cot with the mattress platform raised. As your child grows and becomes more mobile, the platform of the bed can be lowered. Later, three of the middle bars can be removed, giving your child the ability to crawl in and out of bed on their own. The cot can also be transformed into a sofa when the front is altogether removed and wheels can be put on the bed so that it can easily be moved around the home as needed. In our selection of cots, you will also find the FLEXA Dots cot designed by Charlotte Høncke. The bed in MDF with legs in solid ash is also a great cot in a beautiful and modern design, where your child can sleep really well and wake up well rested and ready for a day full of adventure.


    You may not think about it until you have your baby in your arms and are about to create a day-to-day routine for the whole family, but actually one of the places where you typically want to spend the most time with your baby is, surprisingly enough at the changing table. Not just because a toddler requires a lot of diaper changes during one day. But also because it is often at the changing table that you cuddle a little extra with your baby, dress him or her, pamper with massage, lubricate their soft baby skin with moisturizer and support your baby in neck training by ensuring plenty of quality time on the stomach.

    A well-functioning changing table is a must. The changing table itself should have a suitable height so that you can easily lean over your baby and maintain good eye contact. At the same time, it is practical with storage options right at the changing table, so there is room for everything from diapers to clothes, lotions and a small toy that your baby can enjoy while having his or her diaper changed. The changing table from our FLEXA Baby collection is available with drawers, shelves and cabinets so you can have the look and storage solutions that best suit your style and needs. The changing unit itself can be rotated to take up less space when not used and can be altogether removed so that the changing table can be used as an ordinary storage piece. A practical hole in the changing table provides easy access to water and other essentials that should be kept out of your curious baby’s reach, but still easy for you to grab when you are changing your baby’s diaper. For the changing table we have a soft changing mat in a cute design and available in two different colours for a boy or girl.


    As with the other furniture in the FLEXA Baby collection, our high chair can also be modified to fit your child’s changings needs throughout childhood. The ergonomic chair can be used both as a high chair for the youngest children, where it is combined with a safety bar, cushion and an optional tray. The chair is also suitable as a children’s high chair for toddlers age 3 years old, and a junior chair for children between the age of 5 and 12. The chair is easily adjusted by changing the legs so that you achieve the perfect chair height for your child.


    If you choose FLEXA Baby products for the youngest in the family, you are getting good quality design that meets the EU's strictest quality and safety requirements. We take children's needs into account when designing our products so that they can support both Sleep, Play and Study, which are our three main focus areas. At the same time, we bring functional design, safe materials and good craftsmanship into all of our products. We do everything we can to help give your baby the best start in life.