Charlotte Høncke

Charlotte Høncke

The Danish furniture designer Charlotte Høncke is the designer behind the Dots collection.
Charlotte Høncke has a background as Industrial Designer from the Danish School of Architecture and is very passionated about furniture design. With her special talent for combining functionality and aestetics with small fascinating details her design surprises and sparks curiosity. Just as all the designs in the Dots collection.

For me sustainability is also to design products that are long lasting. Besides being made of the best materials, that are produced in a responsible way - I can see that the Dots furniture are being used for more general purposes also – for examples as storage, as small bedside tables and so on - extending the benefits and the lifetime of the furniture.” - Charlotte Høncke

The design of the Dots collection is characterized by rounded organic shapes and soft, Scandinavian colours, and is inspired by Charlotte Høncke's own children and by the children of her friends. More specific how they play and how they interact. The inspiration of the design is also found in how especially mothers decorate their homes and children´s room.

According to Charlotte Høncke, the Dots collection allows you to create your own personal look by using different colours and combining the furniture in your child´s room, the kitchen, the living room or even the hallway.

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