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Turn Your Child's Bed Into a Happy Place

by Rikke Randrup Skåning

Comfort and a sense of security is so important for your child’s quality of sleep at night. A good bedtime routine is key to make your child feel safe and secure before going to bed, but there are also things you can do to help your little boy or girl feel cosy and comfortable once in their bed. Scroll down to learn how you are more likely to get your little bundle of energy to stay in bed. 


  • You can help turn your child’s bed into a happy place by: 
    • Placing the bed close to you. 
    • Think about setting a cosy bedtime lighting. 
    • Keeping a safety rail and maybe a crib bumper on the bed.  
    • Creating a cave-like atmosphere with a bed canopy, a little roof, or a cave. 

Below, Physiotherapist, Rikke Randrup Skaaning, shares her four best tips to turn the bed into a calm and comfortable place for your little one: 

1. Place the Bed Close to Mum and Dad

“For babies, a safe sleeping base is next to mum and dad because they can smell their parents and hear them, and this creates a huge sense of security. Many children, around the age of 2-3, may have moved into their own room. But knowing exactly where mum and dad are, and being able to hear them from their bed, still means a lot for their peace of mind.”

2. Set a Cosy Bedtime Lighting

“Dimmed lighting signals that the day is over and that it's time to cuddle up and go to sleep. Switch off the screens too, and preferably two hours before bedtime. This helps children unwind after a long day and creates a cosy and calm atmosphere. While darkness can be good for the sleep quality, many children are afraid of complete darkness. If your little one feels that way, don’t switch all the lights off, but leave a dimmed, warm light on out in the hallway for example.”  

3. Keep a Rail on the Bed

“A safety rail is great for safety reasons, but it also allows children to feel the edge of the bed which is an important sensory input to get. A flat box mattress with no edges is not a good sensation for children. They like to see and feel the edges of the bed. Many children like to be wrapped up, cuddle up to something, and feel an edge and a frame. A thick crib bumper can also be a good idea. The feeling of being surrounded can be calming and help create a sense of security for children who have difficulty falling asleep.” 

4. Create a Cave-like Atmosphere

“A lot of children love a cave-like atmosphere and find great comfort in this. You can create a cosy nook on the bed with a bed canopy, a little roof, or a cave. Children can then enjoy some peace and quiet in their own little world, while mom and dad are just nearby. It can also help shield children from the visual clutter in their room. Children can easily be disturbed by their toys when it’s time to sleep. Some children also get up way too early in the morning because they spot their toys. A cave or a canopy can help soften the sensory input and give their brains some peace. And children need it - especially when it is time to wind down and go to sleep.” 

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