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    Ergonomic and comfort are focus areas for us, when designing furniture for children. With our kids chairs we have thought about every little detail, so you get a modern and aesthetically pleasing chair that will fit nicely into any children’s room, and that they can sit comfortably in. In our selection of chairs below, you will find various types of chairs among others; stools from Dots, study chairs from Study, and our innovative high chair from the Baby collection that can grow with the child and remain relevant even into their teens.


    Childhood is a magical time where the foundation for each human life is laid. In childhood it is important that kids can play and have fun, since this helps them develop important skills. Some kids like rough play where they can tumble around with their friends or siblings, while others enjoy quiet activities where they can immerse themselves into solving a jigsaw puzzle or drawing the perfect house. Children’s preferences when it comes to playing, all comes down to their age and personal preferences at that point in life. But a FLEXA chair will surely be useful in any children’s room.

    Our selection of kids chairs are all designed with children’s needs in mind. For the youngest ones, we have small chairs and stools from the Popsicle and Dots collections that fit nicely with the children’s tables from the same collections. The organic, round shapes and soft pastel colours will stimulate the child’s creativity, and they are so aesthetically pleasing that they are a nice addition to the décor anywhere in the home. Place a set of children’s stools and a play table in their room, or in the living room, so they can be close to the family while they play.

    With one of our nice kids play tables and matching stools, you can decorate a place in the home where children can do creative projects or invite their parents to join them for an imaginary meal. The furniture works perfect as an addition to the The Kitchen, The Workbench or The Shop from our Play collection.


    Like adults, children also sometimes need a quiet moment alone where they can recharge their mind. Especially older children will love to have their own desk, where they can sit and immerse themselves in quiet activities, homework, or creative projects. A desk from our Study collection creates the perfect setting for older children to do their homework, choose a FLEXA chair from the same collection that matches the desk. Study chairs and some of our desks, can be adjusted in height, so they provide optimal comfort and an ergonomic seating position for your child, even as they grow.


    Besides our study chairs and small kids chairs, we have also designed an innovative high chair that can grow with the child from baby to teen. The high chair is designed by Hans Sandgren and is part of our BABY collection. For the young ones, a safety bar can be added on the chair, add a cushion for support in the back and a tray, and the high chair is perfect for the youngest in the family. The chair can be adjusted into three different heights and modified into a junior chair for children age 5-12 years old. The chair is perfect for the dining room table, so even the little ones can be part of the dining experience. The legs of the kids chair are made from beech wood, while the seat is made of plastic, which makes it easy to clean either with a cloth or you can put it in the dishwasher.


    Safety is always an important factor when designing for children. At FLEXA, we have thought about every little detail, so our products are safe to use. Our kids chairs have soft, rounded edges so that children cannot get hurt by sharp corners. The chairs have all passed EU’s strictest products safety standards both in terms of quality and safety. FLEXA chairs are made from materials that make them extra sturdy, so they can withstand children’s sometimes rough play. The chairs will last a long time, and can even be passed down to siblings, this is possible thanks to the timeless design that will never go out of fashion.

    Said differently, you need not to compromise, when choosing kids chairs from FLEXA. Our chairs are both aesthetically pleasing, practical, and study in their quality.