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    Your little girl or boy has grown out of their first toys, but you can’t yet trust them with toddler toys, especially toys with lots of little parts and bits. So, what do you give your child at their second birthday? Browse this page for fun, creative and developmental toys for 2-year-olds. 


    Does this sound familiar: a toy seems to be great fun for your 2-year-old child, but quite dull for your older child. At FLEXA, we thought to ourselves “how can we make toys that appeal to both tiny tots and their older siblings?” We came up with our early learning toys. Take our scooter board and our balance board, for instance. These motor toys can be used for so many things, and they just keep posing new fun challenges, both when you’re 2 years old, 3 years old and well... even 6 years old!  

    Another great toy for siblings to share is our wooden ice cream puzzle. This peg puzzle helps promote hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills with your 2-year-old. And your older child can use the ice cream puzzle pieces as delicious props in their pretend play: “who would like to buy an ice cream?"


    Children are curious by nature. 2-year-old children are likely to pop things into their mouths, and it makes toys with little parts a definite no-go. FLEXA toys live up to EU’s strictest product safety standards – both when it comes to dimension, material, and strength. It means you can be sure that your little one is always safe when playing with FLEXA toys.