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    Newborn babies don't really need toys. Your familiar voice and your facial expressions are all the entertainment they need. But already as babies enter their second month of life, they become much more interested in the world around them. At 3–4-months-old, babies spend more time awake. They are also getting physically stronger and much better at coordinating their movements. Around the age of 6 months will be a great time to introduce their first educational toys. 


    When you are looking for toys for 0-12 months-olds, always make sure you choose age-appropriate toys. 3-4-months-olds and even 5-6-month-olds don’t need too much stimulation. A simple musical toy like a rattle is an age-appropriate toy for 6-month-old babies and can entertain them for a very long time. Musical toys are also fun for 7-, 8- or 9-months-old babies. Actually... they are lots of fun for all ages! So, feel free to join the band, but always remember to let your baby make up the rules of the game. If they don’t want to play, try something else


    We think safety comes before anything else. That’s why all our wooden learning toys are manufactured from pure, natural resources, free from any harmful substances. Because we only use high-quality FSC™ certified wood, the sturdy toys can be passed down for years to come. They comply with EU’s strictest product safety standards and are tested on a regular basis.